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The Importance Of Brand Guidelines

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The Importance Of Brand Guidelines

Having good brand guidelines underpins your marketing activity; whether you are tweeting or designing a full blown campaign, you should always have your brand in mind. If you work in the Marketing department you may already know the do’s and don’ts of your brand, but imagine you are a new starter, agency, partner or work in another department; how are you expected to know how to represent your brand?

The creation and maintenance of brand guidelines are the responsibility of the marketing department; they can be displayed in business document form, stylish PDF or web page (often depending on the brand its self!)

The brand guidelines created by easyGroup are considered to be a good example; Mr Stelios has built his brand from the ground up and his brand guidelines ensure it’s represented in the way he wants.

What’s included in brand guidelines?

Simply, any guideline you want people to adhere to when representing your brand; here’s an example:

-    Brand details (Who you are, what you do, brand history, mission, vision etc)
-    Visual Identity (Logo’s, do’s and don’ts, colors, typefaces, images)
-    Language and tone
-    Social Media (do’s, don’ts, language and tones)
-    Some content examples for reference

To save you time, download our free brand guidelines template.

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